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Secure Data Backup

Clever Computer Solutions have a partner agreement with one of the UK's leading online backup providers. This enables us to offer a totally automated and secure, online data backup solution for all of your computer systems.



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Effective disaster recovery based on reliable data backup and retrieval is critical to any business. Disasters such as data corruption, fire, theft, hardware failure, malicious damage and virus attack are common and highlight the importance of a secure data backup and recovery plan. It is essential that in the event of data loss a recent and reliable copy of your data is at hand. A loss of client data may also put you in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Automating your entire backup could not be simpler. We will install a small piece of software on each pc that requires a backup. We will then work with you to decide which files require backing up and what time of day or night to run the backup. From then on your backup can run automatically on a daily basis, without any user intervention.


What We Offer

  • Secure Data - Your data will be backed up over the internet to separate secure locations in the UK. By using geographically separate secure data locations you can be sure your data is always secure.
  • Data Encryption - Your data will be automatically encrypted using secure data encryption before it leaves your PC, so that it travels to the secure data centres in an unreadable format. The data is encrypted using an encryption key supplied by yourself to ensure your data can never be viewed by others.
  • Totally Managed Service - Using our remote monitoring software we will check that your backup runs successfully on a daily basis. We will be immediately alerted to any problems with your backup and will be able to take the required action to ensure your data is backed up successfully.
  • Fast Incremental Backups - All your data will be backed up incrementally. After the first backup, all subsequent backups are incremental, so only new files and any that have changed are backed up.
  • 24x7x365 Data Availability - Both data centres offer world-class utilities, connectivity, security, cooling/fire suppression systems and engineering services. They are also heavily protected against infiltration and power outage.
  • Bespoke Service - We will work with you to analyse your individual backup and restore requirements.